About Me

I'm a versatile and passionate model with a lot to offer: experience, a diverse rhetoric of poses and expressions, a great attitude, and a creative mind. I am also skilled with hair and makeup and have a diverse wardrobe along with several wigs, so I can tweak my look to accommodate most concepts and preferences.
I’m interested in networking, collaborating, growing, learning, and doing whatever I can to keep pushing my limits of self-improvement.
I'm open to a variety of ideas and love trying new ones. However, I have a particular interest in alternative fashion and art, and photography with a strong conceptual base.

>> About my name

"The symbolic meaning of the Raven in Native American Indian lore describes the raven as a creature of metamorphosis, and symbolizes change/transformation.

Raven symbolizes the void - the mystery of the unknown. Ravens are symbolic of the Black Hole in Space, which draws in all energy toward itself and releases it in new forms. The iridescent blue and green that can be seen in the glossy black feathers of the raven represents the constant change of forms and shapes that emerge from the vast blackness of the void."

"Raven is also the totem of the pan-Celtic Sorceress/Goddess Morgan le Faye, who was also called the Queen of Faeries. A shape shifter, she would often appear as a raven or hooded crow.
As a spirit guide, Morgan places obstacles in our path in order to draw the best from us; testing our ability to cope with awkward situations, and showing us how to find inner strength. She guides us through the complexities of life, never once trying to delude us into thinking that everything is straightforward. She helps us understand something of the nature of the universe, and empowers an individual to confront challenges with great personal strength.”