Dec 19, 2009 - PAINT! Christmas Edition

I got the opportunity to work with Todd Hartman again at a really awesome Body painting event. Its 6 days before Christmas, so this was of course holiday themed :) I finally got a chance to do some intense styling since hair, makeup, and wardrobe was up to me. Its hard to see but there are 2 light-up snowflakes on each side of my head and LEDs strewn throughout the hairstyle. There was a 'patrons favorite' contest and I got TONS of compliments on my hair, but unfortunately the contest started while I was being painted so I didn't get a chance to enter :(
still lots of fun though :)

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Photographer/Bodypainter: Todd C Hartman
Model/MUA/Hair: Raven Le Faye

Dec 9, 2009 - Shoot with Julia Comita

Today I shot with Julia Comita, who is an Academy of Art student. Its been a while since I did any trade work with an Academy student but I'm always partial to them since most of my early shoots were collaborations with students, and Jay Parez, who I've shot with more times than any other photographer, was a student there as well. I really appreciate the professionalism of the students I've worked with - They put a lot of effort into their projects.

This was only the second time I'd worked with a male model. I rarely get cast in projects that involve multiple models so that was a pleasant novelty. The theme was plastic and there is some interesting symbolism. I helped very mildly with the editing :)

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Photographer/Editor: Julia Comita
Model: Raven Le Faye and Robert Yegge

Nov 13, 2009 - Shoot with David Quinn

Today was really fun. I worked with David Quinn and the wonderful Ann, who recommended the photographer, was the makeup artist. She also did my makeup on the first shoot I did with Chi/Rue99

I think I totally mastered the hair flip by the end of this...

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Photographer/Editor: David Quinn
MUA/Hair: Styles By Ann
Model: Raven Le Faye

Nov 7, 2009 - Shoot with Rue99

In my modeling career thus-far I have yet to do any nude work. Its something I've never really felt uncomfortable with the idea of, but since I started modeling when I was still a minor I wanted to give myself some time to experience being an adult and contemplate on the decision before I jumped into it "just because I could." But my opinions haven't really changed and so I have been contemplating/planning on doing nude work for a while now. Today was my first nude shoot :)

I worked with the always amazing Chi/Rue99 Photography. This was my third shoot with Chi - what most probably consider my most revealing shots were taken by him (The Fabric and Candy Bondage photos). I'm always happy with his work, I feel comfortable around him, and so naturally I felt he was a good choice for this.

He has been doing some amazing work lately with water and suspension. I really wanted to be suspended, but my ankle couldn't take the weight so we worked with water and wax (separately). So yes, that's wax, not paint. :-p

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Photographer/Editor: Chi/Rue99 Photography
Model/MUA/Hair: Raven Le Faye

Jun 23, 2009 - Shoot with IkonXIV



Model/MUA/Wardrobe: Raven Le Faye