Dec 9, 2009 - Shoot with Julia Comita

Today I shot with Julia Comita, who is an Academy of Art student. Its been a while since I did any trade work with an Academy student but I'm always partial to them since most of my early shoots were collaborations with students, and Jay Parez, who I've shot with more times than any other photographer, was a student there as well. I really appreciate the professionalism of the students I've worked with - They put a lot of effort into their projects.

This was only the second time I'd worked with a male model. I rarely get cast in projects that involve multiple models so that was a pleasant novelty. The theme was plastic and there is some interesting symbolism. I helped very mildly with the editing :)

Larger version Here

Photographer/Editor: Julia Comita
Model: Raven Le Faye and Robert Yegge


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