Nov 7, 2009 - Shoot with Rue99

In my modeling career thus-far I have yet to do any nude work. Its something I've never really felt uncomfortable with the idea of, but since I started modeling when I was still a minor I wanted to give myself some time to experience being an adult and contemplate on the decision before I jumped into it "just because I could." But my opinions haven't really changed and so I have been contemplating/planning on doing nude work for a while now. Today was my first nude shoot :)

I worked with the always amazing Chi/Rue99 Photography. This was my third shoot with Chi - what most probably consider my most revealing shots were taken by him (The Fabric and Candy Bondage photos). I'm always happy with his work, I feel comfortable around him, and so naturally I felt he was a good choice for this.

He has been doing some amazing work lately with water and suspension. I really wanted to be suspended, but my ankle couldn't take the weight so we worked with water and wax (separately). So yes, that's wax, not paint. :-p

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Photographer/Editor: Chi/Rue99 Photography
Model/MUA/Hair: Raven Le Faye


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